WORD OF THE DAY: Good Riddance

'Word of the Day' written on graphic collage of British cultural symbols.

Today we have a special expression for you. Many students think that 'Good Riddance' is like 'Goodbye'. But it's not. It's an insult!


'Good riddance' is like GOODBYE + P*SS OFF!


We use it when someone or something is going away, but we have no desire to see him/her/it/them again. 


Some examples:

'I've left my job. I hated it. Good riddance to them!'

'Good riddance to you and good luck with your new boyfriend!'

'Goodbye London and good riddance to the miserable weather!'


Grammar note: Notice how we use the preposition 'TO'


More 'Words of the Day' to follow. See you soon and good riddance. Only joking!

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