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In LESSON 4 you will learn: English vocabulary for holidays, beaches and leisure (SP: ocio IT: tempo libero).

We will explain step-by-step about British beach culture.

Next, we will learn about an important aspect of British culture: the mods and the rockers.

After, we will study the famous Battle of Brighton Beach in 1964 and look at the problem of delinquency

You will learn what a moral panic is. We also ask if moralizing (SP: moralismo IT: moralismo) is the real crime (SP: delito IT: reato, delitto)

Finally, students will practice with communication activities, quizzes and games.


Photo of vintage 1970s ice cream van

Vintage 1970s British ice cream van.

Zak Washington's English Adventure story - English language learning programme - Title graphic.

Zak Washington, the corrupt English teacher, is too lazy to work at the language school, so he is taking his group of students to visit a ‘cultural’ place of interest. Today we are going to…..


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Photo of ZakWashington on Brighton beach from Language Unlimited English course
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ZAK WASHINGTON: (Doing a bad imitation of Winston Churchill) We will will fight (SP: pelear IT: lottare) them on the beaches; we will fight them in the kebab shop.

STUDENT: Oh, shut up, will you? (SP: cállate IT: stai 'zitta)

ZAK WASHINGTON: A very good afternoon to you students! Today we are in beautiful, sunny Brighton, just one hour from London on the train. The weather is magnificent…

SOPHIE: No, it isn’t!

ZAK WASHINGTON: British bathing beauties are resplendent in the hot seaside sun…

SOPHIE: Those ugly girls?

ZAK WASHINGTON: …and a light Mediterranean-style breeze is blowing (SP: soplar IT: soffiare) warm air into our faces.

SOPHIE: It’s bloody freezing!

ZAK WASHINGTON: Glorious! So… I think it’s about time we put on some of our swimming costumes and bikinis.

SOPHIE: You’ve got to be joking! (SP: estás de bromas IT: stai scherzando)

ZAK WASHINGTON: Listen Maria…. If you want… I’ll help you put on a little bit of that suntan cream (SP: crema broceadora IT: protezione solare).

SOPHIE: Suntan cream?

MARIA: No, you disgusting little man. I’m not. Go away! (SP: véte, lárgate IT: vai via)

SOPHIE: It’s fourteen degrees (SP: grados IT: gradi). It’s just stopped raining. (SP: acaba de dejar de llover IT: ha appena smesso di piovere)  It’s cold and windy.

TEACHER: But I’m hot. Boiling hot. I’m sweating. (SP: estoy sudando IT: sto sudando)

MARIA: You’re hot? You’re sweating?

AHMET: Come on girls. Take off (SP:  quitar IT: togliere) some of those clothes.

SOPHIE: Get him away from me…

AHMET: That’s it. Take off your jackets.

SOPHIE: I’ll call the police.

AHMET: You’d better put those bikinis on too. 

SOPHIE: Go away!

MARIA: I think you’ve had too much to drink again.

TEACHER: Shut up! What rubbish! We’re at the beach to relax. We can have as much to drink as we want. 

MARIA: Teacher. I’ve never seen anyone so white before. Are you suffering from a skin disease?

STUDENT: I think he’s a vampire. Teacher, will you put your shirt back on please? Everybody is looking at you! This is embarrassing.

AHMET: So, Maria. Are you going to put your bikini on or what?


British culture and English language lesson for foreign students. English gentleman on the seaside on Brighton beach
British culture and English language lesson for foreign students. English gentleman and bathers on the seaside on Brighton beach
British culture and English language lesson for foreign students. ZakWashington dancing on the seaside on Brighton beach
Essential bad English. British Slang 3. Infographic by Language Unlimited
British culture: Queen of England logo for reading exercise

(Meanwhile (SP: mientre tanto IT: nel frattempo) in the Queen’s Palace.)

THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND: A very good afternoon to you Mr. Fred. Here we are in beautiful, windy Balmoral just one hour from London in my private jet. The weather is dreadful (SP: espantoso IT: orrendo); the British are miserable in the cold winter rain, and a strong Siberian wind is blowing freezing air into our faces. Awful! (SP: terrible IT: tremendo) Why don’t you come and give me a cuddle (SP: abrazo IT: abbraccio) ? Pass me my fur coat!

RAJI FRED: A fur coat! It’s fourteen degrees. The sun has just stopped shining. It’s warm and breezy. A cuddle! I can’t. I’m a happily married man.

THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND: Oh come on I’m freezing. Just a little cuddle. Please!



THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND: You’re hot? You’re sweating? You’d better take some clothes off. That’s it take off your jacket. You’d better take off that shirt too. Oh cuddle me, I’m really cold. Look. I’m the Queen of England. I can have as much to drink as I want. When I tell a royal subject to take his clothes off, I expect him to take them off. Now come here you lovely little man.....

Lipstick stain - graphic to accompany reading exercise about the Queen of England
How to say 'Yes' in English in 10 Fun Ways (English lesson graphic with explanations) Part 1
How to say 'Yes' in English in 11 fun ways - infographic by Language Unlimited
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Photos of British culture: two British women in bikinis on Brighton beach.
ZakWashington dancing on Brighton Beach with female dancer
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This is a listening exercise for students of English. #ZakWashington

 English language listening exercise written on graphic of vintage postcard  Part 1
English language listening exercise written on graphic of vintage postcard. Part 2

Solucciones en español abajo / Soluzioni in italian sotto

English language listening exercise written on graphic of vintage postcard. Part 3
Photos of British culture: typical English vintage, old postcard from the beach.



Dear Angelina,

                I’m having such a lovely time (SP: pasarlo bien IT: divertirsi) in Brighton. Look at the magnificent view in the photo. Splendid! As you can see there is a stony (SP: pedregosa IT: pietrosa) beach in front of you. That’s Brighton beach. There are several beach huts (SP: chiringitos) and some deck chairs.


Behind the beach is a narrow (SP: estrecha IT: stretta) road that runs along the seafront (SP: paseo marítimo IT: lungomare) with a row of little hotels and restaurants that are facing you. There are some tall flagpoles (SP: asta de bandiera IT: pennone) on the road, with some flags (SP: banderas IT: bandiere) from various different countries.


There is a strange building to the right that looks like the Taj Majal in India. To the right there is a long pier (SP: muelle IT: molo) that goes from the road to the sea. 


At the far end of the pier is a mini amusement park (SP: parque de atracciones IT: luna park). It has several merry-go-rounds (SP: tiovivo IT: giostre), a little roller-coaster (SP: montaña rusa IT: montagne russe), and a helter-skelter (SP: tobogán en spiral IT: scivolo a spirale).


On the beach is a little boy who is flying a kite (SP: cometa IT: aquilone). The kite is in the shape of a bat. (SP: murciélago IT: pipistrello) There is a woman with a pushchair. (SP: silla de paseo IT: passeggino) On the left hand side of the picture, there is a young man riding on a donkey (SP: burro IT: asino). He is wearing a Hawaiian shirt and is carrying an umbrella in his hand because it is raining. The umbrella has blown inside-out (SP: de dentro hacia fuera IT: alla rovescia) because it is so windy.


In spite of (SP: a pesar de IT: nonostante) the bad weather, there is a fat, bald (SP: calvo) old lady in a giant Victorian swimsuit (SP: traje de baño IT: costume) who is up to her knees (SP: rodillas IT: ginocchi) in the water. She has two small children with her, who are crying because they are cold. Her husband is at her side. He has a moustache (SP: bigote IT: baffi), a stomach like a taxi driver and the smallest swimming trunks that I’ve ever seen! He must be Italian. It’s making me homesick. Wish you were here.


Lots of love, Giovanni.  


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Discussion sheet about tourism for EFL, TEFL ESOL and TESOL


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Infographic - English language vocabulary exercise - Explain the differences
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GIOVANNI: If we are not going to swim, I think that we should get something to eat.

MARIA: Great idea. Where can we go teacher? I really feel like something nutritious.

ZAK WASHINGTON: I don’t know. Let me think.

SOPHIE: I don’t care what we eat as long as it isn’t disgusting (SP: asqueroso IT: schifoso) English food.

ANJA: English fish and chips are just junk food (SP: comida basura IT: cibo spazzatura). It’s all grease and fat, and the fish is not fresh, it’s frozen. Diet is very important, especially when you are travelling. I want quality food.

SOPHIE: I agree. Let’s go to that Burger Queen hamburger restaurant over there.

GIOVANNI. Yeah, that’s always good food.

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English language student speaking activity 4.2 - discussion about food and globalization
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Graphic with heading: British Culture. Subculture Special - Mods and Rockers

In this section SUBCULTURE SPECIAL we look at some of the famous musical and fashion subcultures from British history.


Photos of British culture - montage of photos of Mods and Rockers


Extract from ZAKMAG, our complementary easy English learning magazine. #ZakWashington #ZAKMAG

British Culture - Article with graphics: Mods and Rockers. History 1
British Culture - Article with graphics: Mods and Rockers. History 2. 1964
British Culture - Article with graphics: Mods and Rockers. History 3. Moral panic.






Graphic of 1950s British model pin-up which links to a quiz: Are you a Mod or a Rocker?



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