English Grammar Lessons

English Summer Course

When do we use VERB+GERUND or VERB+INFINITIVE? Read today's Learn English blog post to find out the answers....

English Grammar Exercises (B1/B2) Free & Downloadable
Hi all. Here is a collection of ENGLISH LANGUAGE GRAMMAR EXERCISES. (B1/B2 level.) Each of the exercises is DOWNLOADABLE and contains the ANSWER KEY.

GRAMMAR: Conditional Sentences
What are conditional sentences in English? How many types of conditional sentence are there? What is the structure of a conditional sentence? In today's English lesson we unlock these mysteries....

GRAMMAR - Too & Enough
What is the difference between TOO and ENOUGH in English? When do we use them? What do they mean? What is their position within a sentence? Read today's ZakWashington blog post to find out....

GRAMMAR: Love Song with Comparatives
In this week's English language lesson we are studying COMPARATIVE SENTENCES. In particular we are going to look at the structure THE + COMPARATIVE + THE + COMPARTIVE / SUPERLATIVE.