English Grammar Lessons

English Grammar Exercises (Intermediate)
Hi all. Here is a collection of ENGLISH LANGUAGE GRAMMAR EXERCISES. (Intermediate level - B1) Each of the exercises is DOWNLOADABLE and contains the ANSWER KEY.

What are conditional sentences in English? How many types of conditional sentence are there? What is the structure of a conditional sentence? In today's English lesson we unlock these mysteries....

What is the difference between TOO and ENOUGH in English? When do we use them? What do they mean? What is their position within a sentence? Read today's ZakWashington blog post to find out....

In this week's English language lesson we are studying COMPARATIVE SENTENCES. In particular we are going to look at the structure THE + COMPARATIVE + THE + COMPARTIVE / SUPERLATIVE.

Downloadable IELTS Exam Preparation Books
Downloadable pdf versions of IELTS (and other exam) preparation books. The books are for studying GRAMMAR and VOCABULARY within the context of the themes used in IELTS