Homework Assignment Lessons

HOMEWORK - Mother Teresa & Florence Nightingale: Scammers or Saints?
BBC invention? World's scammiest re-marketing triumph? Why is the Mother Teresa of Calcutta so revered? Today we take a look at the truth behind the modern age's favourite 'saint'.....

ASSIGNMENT: Body Movements Vocabulary in English
In this week's English language lesson we are studying THE BODY and BODY MOVEMENTS. We will learn all the vocabulary for anatomy and body parts. For fun, the brave students can learn using the Karma Sutra in English! And then put it all into practice with some practical LESSONS.... on the gym mat (doing exercises, not the Karma Sutra).....

LISTENING What's the Origin of International Workers' Day?
Today we celebrate International Workers' Day. (Sometimes 'Labor Day'). But what exactly are we celebrating? Today we watch a film explaining the fascinating origins of the 1st May.

In today's English language homework assignment we are going to study and memorize: 10 different ways to say 'Hello'. Make your English sound more natural and convincing with these useful phrases.

In today's homework assignment we will look at the characteristics of FASCISM. Why is it so fascinating? Why do certain elements of it appeal to everyone? The lesson begins with a discussion about some of the more common characteristics of fascism. We then look at the THIRD WAVE EXPERIMENT where a Californian high school teacher attempted to convert a group of students into fascists. After we will watch the German film 'THE WAVE (2008) which is a modern recreation of the Ron Jones story.