English Vocabulary Lessons

The 40 most important SOCIAL ENGLISH  phrases
What are the 40 most important SOCIAL ENGLISH phrases? How do you respond to them correctly? Fun activity and video tutorial

GRAMMAR - When do we use DO & MAKE?
When do we use DO and MAKE in English? Read today's Learn English blog post to find out the answers....

50 Essential British Slang Words
Here is a collection of 50 essential slang words typically used in Britain, but many are also used internationally too. Please memorize them before the next class where you will be interrogated!

Money Vocabulary: Thrive & Survive. Pay down or stash cash?
In today's English lesson we will look at vocabulary related to MONEY. First we will study the vocabulary, then we will watch an American talk show explaining 'How to survive in a recession.' Enjoy a bit of American trash TV! Need English classes? Also, included is our new price list for classes in 2021. As many of you will notice it is almost exactly the same (as we haven't raised prices in 10 years). This time, however, we have NEW SPECIAL DISCOUNTS FOR GROUP CLASSES!

How to say 'Hello' in English in 10 fun ways
This week's English language lesson is 10 FUN WAYS TO SAY ‘HELLO’ IN ENGLISH. (Parts 1 & 2) This week Libertarian Linguistics Club presents an English language and British culture video to help make your English sound real and convincing. We will take you step-by-step through the phrases you need to sound like a native speaker

English Comedy Sketch with Technology Words
Today's English homework is a funny British comedy called 'My Blackberry isn't working.' The sketch will help you learn technological vocabulary. It is all based on the double meaning of words. We offer an explanation and a (not very good) translation of the two meanings.

homework assignment graphic with Winston Churchill from ZakWashinton's Guide to English
For this week's English language lesson homework assignment we are going to study Italian body language and how gestures correspond to typical every day phrases. Italians use gestures to express many feelings or to communicate. Many of the gestures have very nice common phrases, also in English, which you should know to make your everyday English sound more convincing. This is a continuation of the lessons that we did last week about BODY PARTS & DESCRIBING BODY MOVEMENTS. (Check out the blog)

WORDS OF THE DAY: 12 More Ways to Say 'Go Away'
In today's English language lesson we watch a video to learn 12 English words and phrases to say 'Go away'. These phrases are often used by native speakers in conversation, in the street or in a native environment. They will make your English sound more real and convincing. In the lesson we take a close look at the pronunciation of two of English's most confused phonemes: 'Live' and 'leave'; what's the difference? We also look at Michael Jackson's English pronunciation! Enjoy!

WORDS OF THE DAY: 10 Fun Ways to Say 'Hello'.
How can I make my English sound more natural and fluent? Today's lession teaches you different variations of greetings and salutations. You will learn how to say 'Hello' in a variety of different ways. You will learn how to use the London accent (Cockney) and at the same time we will have some fun seeing some of the more interesting 'alternative' sights. Enjoy!

WORD OF THE DAY: Describing Nationality, Race & Languages
In today's mini-lesson we explain a complicated area of the English language. We teach you how to use words that describe the nationality, groups of people and their adjectives.

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