HOMEWORK - Mother Teresa & Florence Nightingale: Scammers or Saints?
BBC invention? World's scammiest re-marketing triumph? Why is the Mother Teresa of Calcutta so revered? Today we take a look at the truth behind the modern age's favourite 'saint'.....

English Lessons in Varese 2022-23: Prices & Offers
Ciao studenti di inglese! Questo è il nostro listino prezzi per le lezioni con madrelingua inglese a Varese, Italia. Hi English students! This is our price list for English lessons with British English native speaker in Varese Italy.

GRAMMAR - When do we use DO & MAKE?
When do we use DO and MAKE in English? Read today's Learn English blog post to find out the answers....

IELTS Exam Preparation Classes
We offer the best, most comprehensive IELTS English language test preparation lessons in Varese, Italy area. Online IELTS preparation also available.

ASSIGNMENT - Talking About Addiction, Trauma and Stress
For this week's homework we will listen to the fascinating Dr. Gabor Mate talking about the relationship between trauma and addiction.

ASSIGNMENT: Body Movements Vocabulary in English
In this week's English language lesson we are studying THE BODY and BODY MOVEMENTS. We will learn all the vocabulary for anatomy and body parts. For fun, the brave students can learn using the Karma Sutra in English! And then put it all into practice with some practical LESSONS.... on the gym mat (doing exercises, not the Karma Sutra).....

50 Essential British Slang Words
Here is a collection of 50 essential slang words typically used in Britain, but many are also used internationally too. Please memorize them before the next class where you will be interrogated!

English Grammar Exercises (Intermediate)
Hi all. Here is a collection of ENGLISH LANGUAGE GRAMMAR EXERCISES. (Intermediate level - B1) Each of the exercises is DOWNLOADABLE and contains the ANSWER KEY.

Phrases for dealing with customers in English. Frasi per le relazioni con i clienti

Who invented the public relations industry? - English lesson
In today's lesson we look at the sinister story of the invention of the public relations industry. Need English classes? Also, included is our new price list for classes in 2021. As many of you will notice it is almost exactly the same (as we haven't raised prices in 10 years). This time, however, we have NEW SPECIAL DISCOUNTS FOR GROUP CLASSES!

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