1.8. Grammar. Sample answers.


You wanted a ‘normal’ holiday, but you joined a group of bad students on an ‘alternative tour’ of Britain. (regret) I regret coming to Britain./ I regret joining this bunch of imbeciles.

They interrupted the guided tour and visited a local pub. (stop) They stopped sightseeing and went for a beer. / They stopped visiting museums and visited a public house.

It’s freezing cold in London, and you didn’t remember your gloves. (forget) I forgot to bring my gloves.

The weather is depressing. The people are unfriendly. The food is horrible. (not recommend) I wouldn’t recommend going to England. / I don’t recommend eating English food.

You want to go home, but you haven’t confessed your secret to anybody. (admit) I haven’t admitted wanting to go home.

You would like to meet a rich Englishman/woman who will pay your bills. (hope) I hope to meet a rich...

Your English is terrible. People won’t stop shouting at you. (keep on [1]) I wish people wouldn’t keep on shouting at me.

You have cash-flow problems that are limiting your holiday possibilities. (can’t afford) I can’t afford to visit all these places. / I can’t afford to spend more cash. etc.

Your bed in the hostel is like a rock. At home you have a comfortable one. (miss) I miss sleeping at home in my nice, comfortable bed.

You wanted a ticket for ‘Phantom of the Opera’. The 300 Japanese tourists in the queue in front of you bought them all. (not manage[2]) I didn’t manage to get / to buy a ticket because....etc.


You look so foreign. People rob you. You can’t avoid it. (can’t help) I can’t help getting robbed. / I can’t help being a victim. etc