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How are you? Fine/Very well thanks/OK/Not bad Unacceptable: Very fine./Good(unless you are American)

Thank you. You’re welcome/It’s nothing./Not at all.

How do you do? How do you do?/Pleased to meet you./Nice to meet you.

Where do you come from? I’m from .....(country). Unacceptable: I come from my house.

I’ve just got married. Congratulations! Unacceptable: Me too! Oh, really! Etc.

Have you got a light? Here you are./Sorry, I don’t smoke.

Have a nice day! Same to you. / You too. Unacceptable: Same with you.

How long have you been living in this country? I have been living here for.... Unacceptable: I’ve been living here since.../I’m here for.../I have ...years living here.

Do you mind if I join you? Please do./ Of course not./Feel free./You are more than welcome./Sure./Go ahead./By all means.

Help yourself to a drink. That’s very kind of you./Thank you very much.




How’s it going? Fine/Very well thanks/OK/Not bad Unacceptable: Very fine./Good(unless you are American)

Pleased to meet you! Pleased to meet you too./How do you do?/Nice to meet you too.

Do you mind if I smoke? Not at all. /Feel free./By all means./Go ahead.

What have you been doing? I’ve been ......(verb in gerund).

I hope you have a good weekend. Same to you./Likewise./You too. Unacceptable: Same again.(In bars only)

I hope your sister gets the job. I hope so too.

When you see Peter say ‘hello’ from me. Yes, I will./ I shall do that.

What is your sister like? She’s tall/nice/kind/beautiful /ugly etc. Unacceptable: She likes .......

Do you need any help with that bag? That’s very kind of you. No. I can manage. /No. That won't be necessary.

Let me pay for a taxi home for you. That’s very kind of you./How kind./How nice./That won’t be necessary.

My great grandfather passed away this morning. I’m very sorry to hear it./May I offer you my condolences. Unacceptable: Sorry!




How’s the wife? She’s very well. / OK/Not bad./Could be worse. Unacceptable: ’m not married.

How’s it going? Fine/Very well thanks/OK/Not bad Unacceptable: Very fine./Good(unless you are American)

What are you called? I’m called ....(name)./My name is......

Can I have one of your cigarettes? Certainly./By all means./Help yourself./Go ahead.

Sorry I’ve spilt your drink. It doesn’t matter./Don’t worry about it./It couldn’t be helped./It’s not a problem.

I’ve passed my driving test. Well done./Congratulations. Unacceptable: Oh, really?/Whoopee/Who cares?

Can I take this seat? You are more than welcome./Sure./Go ahead./By all means. /Please do./Of course not./Feel free.

Would you mind helping me? Of course not.

Why don’t you come to my party at the weekend? I’d be glad to./ I’d love to./I’m afraid I’m busy.

Could I see a photo of your wife naked? Certainly not!/Absolutely not!/No, you may not! Unacceptable: Yes.

(Say this very quietly so the other teams cannot hear.) Psssst pss mumble mumble murmur. I beg your pardon./Could you speak up please?/Sorry, I didn’t catch that./Could you repeat that?



What’s your name? My name is...

How have you been? Fine/Very well thanks/OK/Not bad Unacceptable: Very fine./Good(unless you are American)

I’m glad you could come. Thanks for inviting me.

Great to see you again. Likewise./Great to see you too.

My brother was robbed yesterday. How awful. /You don’t say./You’re joking!/Oh, that’s terrible.

Did you have problems finding the place? None at all./Not really./It was easy./Yes, it was difficult/tricky.

My wife is pregnant. Congratulations./I’m very happy for you.

I’m off ! See you later./Goodbye./Catch you later.

I don’t like hooligans. Me neither.

I’m feeling depressed today. Cheer up./I’m sorry to hear that./You’ll get over it. Unacceptable: Me too.

It’s my birthday. Many happy returns of the day./ Happy birthday. Unacceptable: Happy birthday to you!(That’s the song.)





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