What is Chris talking about? CHRIS OFF: First we’ll head for (go in the direction of) the centre getting on (entering) a bus. Get off (alighting, exiting) at King’s Cross Station, go fifty metres down (pass along / through) the road and hop on (synonym of ‘get on’) the underground. We’ll get off (alight, exit) at Leicester Square look for (search for) the correct way-out (a noun for ‘exit’). I always get mixed up (confused) working out (calculating) which way to get out (leave) of that station. Then we’ll make for (go in the direction of) Soho going down (pass along / through) Wardour Street, cross over (go from one side to another) Shaftesbury Avenue, turning off (changing from one road into another) down a little alley and ending up (finishing) in the heart of Soho. Or else we can wake up (stop sleeping) Ali and talk him into (convince) forking out (spending - colloquial) for a taxi.