Team Ape’s Questions

I’m completely addicted to those little English chocolate bars.

Can I borrow that copy of Sherlock Holmes stories from you please?

I just can’t deal with people who fall asleep on my shoulder on the underground train.

My opinion about that girl who works in the fish and chip shop differs from yours.

I’m getting very tired of your complaining all day about tourist prices.

I think I’m allergic to that horrible brown sauce that they always have on the table in the café.

There’s no sun in this city. No wonder people suffer from such terrible skin.

How do you translate the sentence ‘take your guidebook and  put it where the sun never shines’ into Spanish?

Can I confide in you that I’m really in love with Maria?

Will you both marry me and come and live with me in the the Free People’s Republic of Zangonia? You’ll be amazed at how rich I am.

Are you conscious of the fact that you were snoring on the bus.

He is completely devoted to that blond barmaid.

Keep those boys separate from those girls.

Are you pleased at the progress you’ve been making recently?

We’re sick of always having to be the responsible ones whilst you’re out having fun.


Team Baboon’s Questions.


1. He’s always very generous to women, but very mean to men. Why?

2. Why do you always make fun of people with ginger hair?

3. Who does this Turkish/English phrase book belong of ?

4. We can’t decide to which will be the best film. ‘Confessions of a Window Cleaner’ or ‘Bimbos in Space 2?

5. Congratulations on remembering my name. Nobody else ever does

6. They are rumoured to be involved in the illegal immigration racket.

7. Although he is an obnoxious alcoholic, he has always been very helpful to the old people in this area.

8. The police accused him of selling cheap imitations of famous perfumes to gullible people outside Oxford Street tube station.

9. If you eat junk food all day and never eat any fruit, you are bound to get spots and probably a cold too.

10. This crazy guy got on the bus and sat next to me, so I pretended to be concentrating on my copy of the Evening Standard.

11. Oh my God! He’s going to be late for the kick off!

12. Apart from the fact that I don’t have my own place, don’t have any money, no qualifications, no job and all my friends hate me, I’d say that I’m satisfied with my life.

13. Due to a person under the train in Tooting Beck station, the next train will be fifteen minutes late.

14. He’s Irish and isn’t capable of spending more than two minutes in the sun without going red.


15. Do you think she’s rebelling against her parents or is it just that she likes men so much?