7.7. Vocabulary. Phrasal verbs. ‘Taxi driver! Pull up (stop) here, in front of the supermarket.’

‘I’ve been so tied up (to be busy) lately at work, that I’m too tired (out) in the evening to cook and do the washing.’

‘If I get home late again tonight, my wife will tell me off. Then she’ll throw plates against the wall again.’

‘Hey Dave! Why are you waiting for the bus! I’ve got my car. Get in and I’ll give you a ride.’

‘Hey big boy! Next time you want a good time call / ring / phone (phone) me up. Here’s my number. Or if you’re in town, you can come and call on (visit) me. Here’s my address. You know I’m the hottest babe in town!’

‘They got into a fight! Ted knocked Derek down (hit, push, strike), and he just stayed there on the floor and didn’t get up for five minutes. It was horrific!’

‘That girlfriend of mine is always annoying me.’ ‘Why don’t you get rid of (reject, throw away, replace) her and get another one? There are five billion people in the world and half of them are women.’

‘I’m completely worn-out. I really need to sleep. I’m going to bed. Goodnight!’

‘What time did you turn up? I didn’t see you arrive.’


‘I’m fed up with (tired and bored) phrasal verbs. Can’t we study something else?’