‘Tomorrow we will be very busy (tied up) in the flat. The place needs to be renovated (to be done up). We have to demolish (knock down) the garden wall, install (put in) some new kitchen units and tidy (clear up) all the rubbish left behind. We need to put the rubbish into the bin (throw the rubbish away). If the neighbours start to reproach us (tell us off) we can tell them to be quiet (shut up) and to go away (clear off). Call George (ring George up) and tell him to go in the car (get in), and stop the car (pull up) at the school and leave (drop off) the kids there. Tell him that if the children act stupidly and joke (fool around), he must reproach (tell them off) them. Those children really tire you (wear you out), and he will become bored and tired (get fed up) when they behave like that.


7.6. Optional exercise. Note that at times when a phrasal verb has different meanings, each meaning can have different grammar.

The following only relate to the meaning used in 6.5. and 6.6.


tie up (transitive, separable)

wake up (intransitive, separable)

get up (intransitive, separable)

go out (intransitive, inseparable)

set off (intransitive, inseparable)

drive off (intransitive, inseparable)

break down (intransitive, inseparable)

fix up (transitive, separable)

pull up (intransitive, separable)

drop off (transitive, separable)

wave off (transitive, separable)

rang up (intransitive, separable)

turn up (intransitive, inseparable when it means ‘arrive’)

help out (intransitive, separable)

do up (transitive, separable)

knock down (transitive, separable)

put in (transitive, separable)

tire out (transitive, separable)

fool around (intransitive, inseparable)

tell off (transitive, separable)

shut up (intransitive, separable)

clear off (intransitive, inseparable)

sort out (transitive, separable)

clear up (intransitive, separable)

get rid of (transitive, inseparable)

clear off (intransitive, inseparable)

get in (intransitive, inseparable)

drive off (intransitive, inseparable)

pull up (intransitive, separable)

drive in (intransitive, inseparable)

come down (intransitive, inseparable)

wear out (transitive, separable)


tuck into (transitive, separable)