CHRIS OFF: ‘I’ve been very tied up (I’ve been very busy…) this morning. I woke up (stopped sleeping), got up (left the bed), went out (left the house), set off (began a journey), drove off (started to drive), broke down (stopped because of a mechanical problem), fixed up (repaired) the motor, set off (began a journey) again, pulled up (stopped the car), dropped off the kids (let the children out of the car) , then waved them off. (waved and said goodbye as they went) I went back home, rang up (telephoned) my friend Bill who turned up (to arrive) to help out (to assist) in doing up (renovate) the flat. We knocked down (demolished) a wall and put in (install) some new windows, but then got tired out (exhausted), fed up (bored and tired) and started fooling around (play / mess around / act stupidly). The wife told us off (scold / reprimand), Bill told her to shut up (be quiet), then she told him to clear off (go away). We sorted out the rubbish, cleared up (tidied / put in order)  and got rid of it (throw away / dispose of). Then cleared off (went away)  got in (boarded / entered) the car, drove off (started to drive), pulled up (stopped the car) at the drive-in (accessible by car) cash point, dropped Bill off (let Bill get out of the car) and then came down (went to) to the car park and turned up (to arrive) here. Now I’m worn out (exhausted) and want to tuck into (to start to eat with enthusiasm and enjoyment) some food!