6.1 Tense revision.

After leaving the Indian restaurant at one o’clock in the morning, we went to the disco.

Sophie started throwing rubbish bins at the cars that were passing.

There were a lot of people in the street. Most of them were going to the disco as well.

The police didn’t arrest Sophie at first, because they didn’t understand what she was talking about.

In the disco everybody was so drunk that they were falling over all the time.

Anja was dancing with a Jamaican man who wasn’t able to understand what she meant.

Giovanni didn’t realise that his ‘girlfriend’ was actually a man.

Ahmet spent the whole night trying to chat up a Norwegian woman.

Sophie was trying to pick up her teacher. She also tried to pick up Giovanni, Ahmet and François, but without success.

The reason that she was not able to pick up was because all of them had fallen in love with Maria, earlier in the evening.

When the lights were switched on at the end of the evening, people didn’t want to go home.

They all fancied carrying on drinking

When the disco closed the bouncer threw us out.

As Ahmet was being thrown out, his jacket got torn.

Everybody shouted / was shouting at the bouncer, who then called four other bouncers.

For ten minutes we stood there, shouting at the bouncers.

After we had shouted at the bouncers for ten minutes, Ahmet threw an orange plastic road cone at one of them, that Sophie had been wearing on her head.

One of the bouncers started to hit / hitting François, and didn’t stop hitting him until the police arrived.


When they arrested us, they also detained Giovanni’s transvestite friend.