2.6. Grammar exercise. Conditionals.



YOU ARE VERY SHY. Sample answers: If I wasn’t/weren’t so shy, I would send that blond an e-mail. Inversion: Were I not so shy...

YOU ARE OLD. Sample answers: If I were / was younger, I would be able to... /

YOU HAVE NO MONEY. Sample answers: If I had more money, I could.... / Were I better looking, I’d... If I had unlimited credit.., I could.... /Were I to have unlimited credit...

YOU HAVEN’T DONE ANY EXERCISE FOR FIFTEEN YEARS. Sample answers: If I had done some exercise, I would look fantastic on the beach this summer.


YOU’RE BALD. Sample answers: If I weren’t /wasn’t bald, I’d have a hairstyle like my favourite pop stars’s. /Were I not bald... If I had hair, I would spend lots of money on hair care products.