2.2. Phrasal verbs.

‘...You turn up here´…’ means ‘to arrive’ ‘to get here/there’. It is inseparable and intransitive. Examples; ‘He didn’t turn up.’ ‘What time did Dave turn up?’

‘..Sign on..’. is ‘to register yourself unemployed’. (insep. /intrans.)

‘...Pick up your dole check…’ means the same as ‘to go and get’. (sep. / trans.) ‘He picked up the cheque.’ ‘He picked the cheque up.’ ‘He picked it up.’ (See 1.6 for more details.)

‘...Cash it in at the post office..’  this is what you do when you turn a cheque into cash. (sep. / trans.) ‘He cashed in the chips at the casino, and went home rich,’ or ‘He cashed the chips in....’

‘...put it down on a horse...’ ‘to bet (the money) on’ (sep. / trans.) Put all the money you have onTrumptown Nag in the 4.30 race. It’s definitely going to win...

‘...and throw all of it away...’  means ‘to dispose of’ ‘to get rid of’ or ‘to waste’. (sep. / trans.)

‘...Then you go home and face up to the wife...’ is ‘to confront’ ‘to deal with’ (insep. / trans.)

‘…who tells you off...’  ‘to scold’ ‘to nag’. This is a difficult verb to explain. Imagine this; you arrive home drunk at five o’clock in the morning. What would your wife say? ‘Look at you! You’re drunk again! You’re always drunk! You spend all your money on alcohol! You think this is a hotel...’  You have been told off (again). (sep. / trans.)

‘...because the children will have to do without a new school uniform this month...’ means ‘to manage without’ , ‘to continue as normal without...’ or ‘to survive without’. (insep./transitive) ‘We didn’t get to the shop in time. We’ll have to do without milk.’