How to find a Girlfriend/Boyfriend in Britain. Part 2

English teacher ZakWashington on the beach with an obese woman
Beautiful Latin girl on the beach in sunglasses with pier (Still from ZakWashington video)

Who talks to whom first? Do men talk to women first?

In modern Britain there are no fixed rules about who talks to who first. It’s certainly not uncommon for a woman to approach a man first. If you want to know how to approach partners in England, you need to understand the stereotypes (SP: estereotipos IT: stereotipo, luogi communi that we have about foreigners.


Hey, I'm a Latin lover. Women are going to love me, right?

Unfortunately, if you are a tanned (SP: bronciado IT: abbronzato ), dark-haired (SP: moreno IT: moreno gentleman from a Mediterranean country, your fellow countrymen (SP: compadres, compatriotas IT: connazionali) have already given you a bad reputation for chatting up women.


So what should I do?

So take off (SP: quitar IT: togliere that medallion, shave off (SP: afeitar IT: fare la barba the moustache (SP: bigote IT: baffi ), do your shirt up, take the disco music off the car stereo, and take that pair of socks out (SP: quitar IT: togliere of the front of your trousers. Stop hissing and whistling. (SP: silbar IT: fisciareYou can do that in the football stadium in England, but not in the street. What you want is for her to talk to you and break the ice (SP: romper el hielo IT: rompere il giaccio). Not your nose (SP: nariz IT: naso ).


What is the name in English of a special phrase used to break the ice with a potential romantic partner?

You need to understand the British sense of irony. You’ll have to say something that is inoffensive, funny and clever at the same time: a chat up line(SP: frase para ligar IT: frasi per rimorchiare )


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