12.16. Vocabulary. The press. Match the following words with the correct definition.

1.Gossip column. k. Part of a magazine about celebrities and glamour.

2.Editor. h. Person who decides on a publications content.

3.Agony Aunt. d. A writer who deals with reader’s problems.

4.Headline. e. The title of the main story in a paper or magazine.

5.Sleaze. l. Illegal, immoral or corrupt behaviour. Usually sexual.

6.Mogul. b. Powerful head of a large media group.

7. Stop press. c. The very latest news before a paper is printed.

8. Hack. g. A nickname given to a journalist.

9.Tabloid. j. Smaller format of newspaper, normally sensationalist.

10. Problem page. i. The part of a magazine dedicated to reader’s troubles.

11. Broad-sheet. a. A more serious newspaper with a larger size.


12.Subscription. f. Money paid to receive a magazine regularly.