3.7 Grammar. Sample answers.

Example. He had no beer left in his glass. You are sure that he has gone to order another drink. He must be buying another drink...

He saw a pretty girl standing on the other side of the bar. There is the possibility that he’s talking to her. He might/may/could be talking to her.

He has been drinking a lot of beer for three hours. That’s a lot of liquid! You are sure he’s in the toilet. He must be in the loo.

He hates playing darts. You are sure that he’s not doing that. He can’t be playing darts.

He said that there was too much smoke in the bar. There is the possibility that he is in the pub garden. He might/may/could be taking a breath of fresh air.

He didn’t have many cigarettes left. He was dying for a ‘fag’. You are certain he’s buying more. He must be buying cigarettes.

He doesn’t know how to play pool. It’s impossible that he’s playing. He can’t be playing pool.

He wanted to phone his mum. There is a phone near the door. It’s a distinct possibility. He might/may/could be phoning his mum.

He didn’t like the music on the jukebox; he had some change in his hand. You are sure he’s there. He must be putting some music on the jukebox.

He was saying that he was very tired. Maybe he’s on his way home. He might/may/could be going home.


Are you stupid? He lives in Paris. It’s impossible to walk there. He can’t be walking home to France. You must be stupid.