3.12. Grammar. Past forms of modal verbs for advice and recommendations.

Sample answers.

I was stupid enough to listen to Zak Washington. I shouldn’t have listened to Zak Washington.

I wish we had visited the Tower of London. We should have gone to the Tower of London.

I don’t drink regularly. I got drunk very quickly. I shouldn’t have drunk so quickly.

I drank far too much. I oughtn’t to have drunk so much.

I only wanted to chat up a pretty English girl. I should have tried to chat up a foreign girl.

How did I know that she was Dave the Hooligan’s girlfriend? I should have found out who she was first.

I took my wallet out. Everybody saw that I had a lot of money. I shouldn’t have taken it out.

I went to the restroom alone. I should have gone with someone else.

Dave the Hooligan said he wouldn’t hurt me if I apologised to him. I should have apologised.


I wish I had stayed at home in my own country. I shouldn’t have come to this horrible country.