2.5. Discussion Topics. Why do some young people in Britain like being on the dole? For several reasons. Firstly, is because there is little difference between Social Security benefits and the wages in the worst paid types of jobs. Another point is that Britain has a very well developed system of welfare, that is generous to those who really need it, but is taken advantage of by many that don’t. What is the social security system like in your country? If you come from one of the more affluent European countries like Holland, Germany or Scandinavia, then the answer is probably similar to the above. In Mediterranean countries, many people live with their parents until they get married, or at least, much longer than in the north of Europe. They are not as dependent on themselves, and have a place to live and food on the table. The welfare system thus isn’t as generous. Who has the right to ‘dole’? A good welfare system encourages laziness. Discuss. Which, in your opinion, is the best system, the British, or that of your country? Questions that are open to debate. But surely single parents, the sick, and the disabled will appear on your list of those who have a right to ‘dole’. If you’ve spent your entire life paying taxes and national insurances, then you might be very unhappy if you are only given ‘dole money’ for a limited amount of time. Consider the American welfare system that pays money to unemployed people only for short periods of time, seldom for longer than six months, in order to force them to go back to work quicker.